Attorney Fees

Real Estate Closings: $1,000 plus typical closing costs such as title search and title insurance.

Estate Planning

Standard estate plan - Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney Advance Directive, Living Will, Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains

Individual: $1500

Couple: $2,000 

Living Trusts $3,500

Special Needs Trusts: $1,750

*Additional complexities for Trust Preparation will be billed at hourly rate

Attorney Hourly Rate: $375/hour 

Other Legal Professional Hourly Rate: $150/hour 

Trust and Estate Administration

Attorney Fiduciary Rate: $375/hour 

Other Legal Professional Rate: $150/hour 

Civil Litigation

33 percent contingency fee or $375/ hour

Criminal Defense

Flat Fee for Pre-trial ($2,000 to $4,500) or $375/hour

We also provide pro bono representation and reduced fee representation to qualified individuals in need whenever possible.

*Fees are subject to variation based on the complexity of particular matters.